Just wanted to upload something!

It had to be done I’m sorry.

"My Brain is working Overtime"- 2014. Ink and Acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase here.

"The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver"-2014, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas. Link to purchase HERE.

"The Neutral"- 2014,Ink and Acrylic on Canvas. Link to purchase HERE.

"Put Me Out"-2014. Ink and Acrylic on Canvas.

Just messing around…


Starting next week, Foster! will update every friday! There’ll be goodies uploaded throughout the week as well, so keep an eye out! Click around, and get into this world!

Starting this friday, Foster! will update with a page a week, and some fun stuff updated throughout the week!

Realized I hadn’t inked anything other than paintings in a solid week. Fixed that. This dude is WAY too excited about whats in his cup.

Another painting. “El Oh Ve Ee”

Ink and Acrylic